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    Hello all,

    Here is what occurred on 8/6/16 to 8/7/16.

    At the ScareLA convention in Pasadena, CA, The Tension Experience hosted an exclusive panel for winners of the lottery.
    Hosted by a man named Jonathan Luther, the panel started with Apostles @electrichippo, @mike, @kasch and Scribe @reaton being called up to the panel to help explain The Tension Experience and answer questions.

    Afterwards Jonathan called up “Ellis Gordon,” a young man in his twenties supposedly responsible for creating Tension.
    Ellis explained that he created the Experience after purchasing a antique drawer from his deceased Grandfather and finding a hidden page and book describing the Church of Anoch within.

    Mentions of Anoch are quickly responded to strongly by several older members of the audience shouting “Glory Be!” and bowing in prayer.

    The panel quickly became chaotic as several members of the audience joined Ellis on the panel, led by a man named Atticus. They expressed confusion at claims that the OOA was a fictional organization, or even a cult, as they took over the panel.

    The panel is then approached by Trista Robinson, a young girl who was curious about the Ascension event and “wanted a taste.” Answering her request, an older woman on the panel takes her behind the curtain next to the stage, Several minutes later, Trista runs out screaming, clearly distraught at what was presented to her. She runs out of the panel room.

    Another audience member rises, an older woman. Clearly furious, she explains that the OOA had an installation in Oklahoma and that they hurt her brother. These claims are quickly dismissed by the panel and she sits down again, muttering to herself.

    Suddenly, Tom Barrow, Addison’s father, reveals himself from the audience, handing out pictures of Addison and screaming that the OOA has made his daughter a murderer. Imploring the audience to “film it all,” Tom attacks the panel. In the ensuing chaos the panel members and Jon leave the room, but not before releasing a new OOA video.

    The video is soon intercepted by Sentinel, displaying a shadowed figure. The figure mentions that it is time to step out of the shadows, and challenges the OOA, displaying the images of many Apostles and “behind-the-scenes” members of The Tension Experience. In particular, “Ellis Gordon” is revealed to a fake, an actor hired to pose in his place. The panel ends, and the audience is escorted out of the room.

    After the panel, Apostles congregate outside of the room, In particular Sentry @mkarrett is able to converse with Trisha Robinson. Trisha reveals that she is an actress, hired for ScareLA. However, she claims that the OOA took photos of her in her apartment and sent them to her, despite her apartment being gated and highly inaccessible. @mkarrett gives Trista her e-mail address.

    Apostle @thebuz, murderer of @gatekeeper3, is spotted during the panel and after, highly distraught. Attempts to converse with him are met with silence and solemn expressions.

    The Tension Experience also posts two photos on Instagram. The photos are of Apostles attending ScareLA at a close distance. One is titled “Always watching, closer than you think.”

    In light,

    Your Chroniclers

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