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    This is, effectively, going to be where I keep my musings. This certainly will not be the abridged version of events.

    Getting started, I feel as though I am up to date on the timeline, I’m just missing the significance of certain parts. I invite anyone who’d feel led to join me in this thread of understanding as I try to figure it out. Assistance will be much appreciated.

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    Is there an existing soundtrack for The Tension Experience: Ascension?

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      certainly seems like you’ve found most of the links I would have pointed you towards.

      For in-depth talks that go as far back as the beginning of Indoctrination, The My Haunt Life podcast is one of the best go-to’s. Headed up by our very own @mike and @reaton, they’re the best way to get the details of Indoctrination as it follows their, and by extension our, experience as it happened.

      For a more general look at what’s happened, the Official Timeline is a good resource to get generalized ideas of what’s happened and when. There is a more detailed timeline compiled by @coryphella but last I heard it was being moved or re-uploaded. You’d have to ask her for that, but it is another good resource.

      Other than that, the New Aspirants forum often has people asking for catch up resources so many of the posts there are good to read through.

      As far as I know, there is not currently any sort of soundtrack to Tension

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      The site that hosted the timeline I created vanished without a trace in September and took all of my work with it. I still have everything on my computer and intend to rebuild but can’t right now due to it being the midpoint of the semester – I might be able to do it over the break. Also, I’ll be looking for a new timeline website to try out if anyone has suggestions – the ones I have tried so far don’t really match what we need, because we have MANY events and a lot of them have media attached.

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      @hazelcloud: Ascension does have a credited music composer, Joseph Bishara, but I’ve not heard of any plan to release a soundtrack. My experience within Ascension is most original sound was more the ambient kind. There is also a bit of non-original music peppered throughout the entire span of Tension. Some of the Indoctrination periscopes made use of some really great older music. If they ever do decide to release something formally, I’d be very interested.

      Also, way back now @mike made a short playlist representing where we were at that time: Tension Mix

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      I’ll look in to that mix. :)

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    I don’t THINK there are any SPOILERS in this post, but read at your own risk. You’ve been forewarned.


    1. Kevin and I are going to listen to the podcasts through out the day.
    2. I would LOVE to create music for this whole project.


    I did not “Ascend” last night, BUT, I made many allies. Not sure where they really stand. Not sure where I stand right now. I am completely mind blown. I’m glad I stalked TTE all day yesterday. It paid off. I was able to give my partner a crash course and we took turns reading Addison’s diary to one another. I finished reading the last page as we pulled in to the parking lot.

    I will say that I don’t think we would have gotten half as much out of the experience if we hadn’t done our homework. That is saying a LOT though, because, either way it was most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something so unique in this medium.

    I immagine I would have felt completely overwhelmed if I had to piece together all the information and make sense of what was going on for myself. Though, I doubt the family on a halloween outing really cared to dive in that deep. For them, I’m sure the experience was just as absolutely exhilarating- not knowing what could happen next or who any of these people were.

    Like I’ve said, though, I would have been distraught in that confusion, feeling like I wasn’t quite getting the whole picture… and there is SO much to absorb.

    I’ll go in to more detail in another post about the specifics of our experiences, as not to give anything away, but I have SO many more questions. I really do feel like I have a completely different grasp of the “game” (as it were) having gone through processing, and after interacting so intimately with all the characters.

    I was thrilled to see some faces I expected, and see others who’s names I recognized from my research. It very much felt like an alternate reality.

    For all it’s worth, we have one thing, collectively, to say about the overall experience: we didn’t quite understand where the boundaries were. It was hard to discern at which points you have “free will” or the “choice” to make as a character. Because there were allusions to running, toward the end I kept looking for signs to do so and looking for direction as to what to do and where to go if I did. I was afraid of getting ejected from the game, and I would have died if it ended prematurely. So, I definitely kept my toe on the line, relishing every moment of the experience.

    The ending was a bit anti-climactic (as we were sure this was a ploy- the game wasn’t over…). We knew the end of the ascension was near, but we were waiting for a prompt. We didn’t realize what was happening when it was til after, and we were like… oh…

    It was still AMAZING, but it didn’t feel finished. … but I suppose it isn’t.

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    Hazel Cloud

    Alright, so today, I’ve discovered and watched the following videos:

    Periscope 22 July, 2016 & Video That Cody Saw

    [video src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/bf13t33t/o-regulation-codec-OOApproved.mp4" /]

    The first was the vid that Cody watched when he met Addison in the park.
    The second is the vid of Rosemary Luther “gaining” her sight.

    I watched the first promo vid next, on this page:

    The Tension Experience – Subliminal Video Breakdown

    Which led me to these articles:

    (BTW- HOW ironic would it be if this immersive arg spawned a real cult? Read the articles and ruminate…)

    On the timeline, it mentions a derogatory post about Addison. It also mentions ElectricHippo’s (Kim, I believe) involvement. The link led to a reddit page, discussing an exchange between Mark (as Benny) and Four. No (explicit) mention of Addison or Kim. ( https://www.reddit.com/r/TheTensionExperience/comments/4in6mz/benny_o_samson_v_gk4/ )

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      Well that’s the frightening idea isn’t it? We’ve been told that a real cult hired Hollywood players in order to attract new members to its cult.

      We may have all fucked up.

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    1. People receive emails.

    2. People are contacted and assigned a time for consultations.

    3. People are called out on FB (Neil King) as detractors, and edited videos are posted showing Sean Decker and Rob Jones proclaiming their allegiance to the org. Neil King claims a video was taken of him too, but it is not posted.

    4. A reporter sends emails indicating a history of fraud and manipulation (via Rob Jones to participants).

    5. There are reports of a woman named Jenna warning participants. (This may be the same girl who ran screaming during [later] consultations.)

    6. GateKeeper5 (GK5) is introduced and urges congregants to find their center.

    7. A newsletter is posted on FB. It looks normal enough. It shows the org welcoming ADDISON BARROWS, as well as someone named James Luther.

    8. The Rosemary Luther vid happens. (A woman is seen blinding herself, and “finding her sight.”)

    9. The Omega Council (who I interpret as the OSDM) become a thing. Detractors are to be reported.

    10. GK5 resigns because he feels the chapter is beyond hope and calls for it to be disbanded. He warns us to notice how easy it was to disrupt our community. He tells us 4 is awoken.

    11. Mike becomes scribe.

    12. Sites are hacked by BOS stating their mission to expose the OOA.

    13. Consultations happen.

    14. GK4 stirs the pot with a FB post, establishing her “voice.” Satirically, she begs for people’s validation through likes. She also posts a new newsletter – edited in sharpie. At the top a hang man game is nearly finished. The answer is Bob Jones.

    15. Addison is brought up in the forum by someone named “Benny” (Mark- her ex) and GK4 responds in a spiteful way.

    16. Sentries are appointed – Melissa and Sean.

    17. GK4 bans Sean Decker, after he attempts an interview instigated by the OOA.

    18. GK4 asks us WHY ARE YOU HERE? in a new FB video. (A recording we hear used again later, during THE ONE)

    19. A scheduled meeting with the OOA is intercepted, and four participants are kidnapped by the BOS- who brings them to a hotel to meet Addy’s parents. Her parents show them a photo of a pretty blonde girl. They say she used to post about kittens, and they knew something was wrong when she stopped. They said she wanted to be an actress, so she came to Hollywood where she met a boy who led her to this cult, that’s taken their daughter away from them. They do not like this guy… Benny, or whatever his name is. The meeting ends and they are to leave through a back stairwell. In the foyer of this hotel, Tom (Addy’s presumed father) takes Russel aside and gives him a stuffed animal. Tom asks Russel to show it to Addison, if he ever gets the chance. It was hers. The stuffed cat is from henceforth referred to as “The Bear.”

    20. The next day, an event at a VFW occurs. A group of participants meet Addy and she gives them each a rose. They enter the hall and find an old dancing man, a strange women, and other such characters to mingle with. One by one, certain of them are individually brought to a room where a hood and helmet are placed over their heads while they are interrogated by GK4. The group convenes, Leaders make a speech, a member of the community is restored. A cello plays ominous music, another speech is made: Addy is to be punished for some sins she has committed against the OOA. As she is about to disrobe, her presumed father rushes in and disrupts the event. Security ram him in to the wall, leaving a head sized hole. Leaders announce the venue compromised, and give instructions to wait until they are gone to leave. Andrew is taken upstairs for a few minutes and instructed to inform the others it is time to leave.

    21. Periscopes begins to broadcast. A series of show Addison in distress. She is seen marking out faces in photos, placing those photos in an envelope, drawing a symbol in blood, then throwing the envelope into the flame while declaring to GK4 that she is ready.

    22. GK4 flees with Addison. The are in hiding. GK3 is introduced. (IS Addison the overseer at this point? because he quickly blocks Masterlock… wasn’t that her as the overseer?)

    23. We officially know 4 is on the run when a letter is dropped and found at a park. The letter states that 5 was the calm, and 4 is the chaos that reflects us. She alludes to people keeping things from others.

    24. GK3 says he’ll answer 2 out of 3 questions. He does this by dropping 2 envelopes at Echo Park. The docs show the hierarchy and the origin of the Gatekeepers and Oracles.

    25. Aleister Gordon calls and sets meetings with several participants. They meet at a seedy bar. While there, he requires the participant present to call another participant- supplying a script that warns the participant that things are not as they seem. He then explains that he had taken an acting job that consisted of him making increasingly disturbing calls. He puts a few participants through a test, they all seem to fail. They were to recruit the bartender, but none were willing. AG explains that there would have been a path to unlock had anyone succeeded. We are unaware of what this path could have been.

    26. Forum members find AG on Facebook and discover that he has ties to Sentinel and BOS.

    26. GK3 threatens AG on the forums, and AG isn’t heard from again.

    27. Benny/Mark posts a message on the forum, pleading for help recovering Addison. He is met with derision. People don’t trust Benny/Mark. He shares a story of how they met at a museum in between castings. He was staring at a painting he couldn’t figure out when Addison walked up to him. She asked him about the painting and he launched in to an explanation about the artist, Carlos Merida (the last name may not be right, but it was Mer… something. that’s not the important part.). She humors him through his speech, until his finished. She points out that the artist he was referring to had actually been responsible for the painting to their left. He fell for her then and there. Whenever they were just trying to make sense of the world, they would look at each other and just say, “Carlos!” with a laugh. He urges anyone that sees her to try to wake her up with that word. People tell him that Addison would have reached out to him by now if she cared about him, but she hadn’t. Instead, she chose to reach out to other participants. The community takes this as a sign from Addison.

    28. GK4 taunts him saying Addison never loved him and to get over it. GK3 posts a brochure that asks, “Does this look like a cult to you?” boasting the smiling faces of participants.

    29. Tom calls Morgan and tells him that Benny/Mark has inflicted near fatal harm on himself by “accident.”

    30. People postulate whether he had been distraught because of the lack of support he found on the forums causing him to become suicidal, or if this was a feeble attempt to draw Addison out.

    31. GK3 demotes our scribe, Mark, appointing himself the position. The community is outraged.

    32. GK4 posts a challenge via video, proclaiming her intents and assets. She says she will end GK3 with “her.”

    33. People begin receiving spoofed calls. The caller ID not matching the voices/sounds on the other end.

    34. Kansas City drop reveals an email between Sam Bickerson (OSDM) and the Clockmkers. It states their fear of “her,” the relocation of assets, and the beginning of “PLAN B.”

    35. There is another drop in Sacramento. Morgan finds four yellow roses, a photo, and an audio file. Morgan shows us that GK4 has Addison, she is still in control, and (through his brilliant analysis), we discover the new math. 4-3=2, hidden in the audio file.

    36. Sam Bickerson (OSDM) posts a copy of a letter on FB urging everyone to forget everything that had transpired. The “creators” had gone way off track. Readers are assured their experience is back on the right course, under new management. Zombies to follow.

    37. Sam then announces an ASK me Anything to be held on the forums. During this time, it becomes apparent that he is part of the darkness.

    38. GK3 reposts Sam’s letters to FB with a small edition: his mark (III) in what we presume to be blood. He also redacts the end. His caption to the post notes that he’s taken care of Sam and his captors. (Mwhahahahha)

    39. A periscope shows Addison writing, “Who am I/II” over and over again until she is jolted by four. She then fills a capsule with a white substance, places it in a bottle, then puts it in a white package she hands to 4, who writes, FOUR my very best.

    40. Kim is invited by GK3 to a lunch via e-vite.

    41. Addison shows up at Derrick’s house, where the community is holding a gathering. She gives them 2 minutes to choose one person to accompany her. The group picks Lauren. She is taken in a vehicle, shown photos, told that they are victims of GK3, and handed the white package. She is made to promise she won’t open it, but told the choice is ultimately hers to choose what to do with it. She is returned to the gathering and discussion over the right path ensues. She decides to keep her promise to Addison about not opening the package. She chooses to deliver it to Kim, who is meeting with GK3 in the near future. Her alliance is hidden from the group (who assumes it is with them).

    42. She gives the package to Kim during a secret meeting. In the vehicle, Lauren was instructed by Addison to persuade Kim to make the right choice. Kim was to use the pill to assassinate GK3.

    42. Kim attends this meeting with GK3. She pretends to mix the solution in to his drink while he uses the restroom. The audience on periscope watch as GK3 returns then pretends to die. He asks if they bought it, laughing. Finally, he instructs Kim to show the camera the pill. She smiles wickedly and the broadcast ends.

    43. GK4 and GK3 make plans to meet.

    44. GK3 requests Kim’s presence.

    45. Kim agrees and is taken to a warehouse, wearing a red hood, where she is greeted by GK4 and Addison. We know this because of a photo posted to Instagram. She is identified through her jewelry.

    46. Later that (same) day, Addison meets Cody at a park. The event is periscoped. Addison is covered in blood. She’s shown attempting to wipe it off as Cody approaches her. She asks him if he knows what it means to be truly free. She then instructs him to watch a video on an iPad. She takes the camera away and begins to film him watching. We only see his reaction. She tells him it is up to him to do what he will with what he saw. A copy will be sent to his email.

    47. Cody shares the video in a forum post. It shows Addison walking up behind GK4, who is chatting with Kim. Addison slits her throat with the same knife GK4 had handed her minutes earlier.

    48. Addison introduces herself as GK2 on the forum and says change is imminent, and asks for patience. She appoints Russel as her scribe. There is some confusion as to Mike’s role. It seems was if Addison was trying to create a wedge between Mike and Russel. However, in the end, the friendship overcame the drama and all was well.

    49. GK2 privately asks Buz if he would be willing to do what she’s done to GK4. He agrees.

    50. Buz meets with GK3 and strangles him during a broadcast, shared with us by Sean (the gilded).

    51. Community is split. People are upset at *witnessing the murders committed by Addison, and now Buz (a participant who is NOT a gamemnaker or plant).

    52. GK2 is on the run. She is a true believer and she has the book (and the helmet?). She broadcasts lessons through Europe. She asks Regent 7 to let “her” die a hero. Community guess who “she” is.

    53. SCARE_LA happens. An invitation only event is moderated by a fake blogger, and the “actors” can’t seem to decide if they are actually acting or not. A panel of participants are asked to share their experience (they were unprepared for this). Tom Barrows rushes in to the event, shouting about the OOA and it’s corruption. During his rant, a video begins. It states that the BOS has hijacked the event. It is revealed that Aleister Gordon is Ellis Gordon, an actor and shows his IMDB page. It warns the “real creators” to come out from behind the curtain. (Around this time, a separate OOG article appears crediting Bousman as creator).

    54. Max is contacted by Regent 7. They meet at a library and he is given Addison’s diary. Regent 7 tells him it is his decision and to do with it as he will, but the book must be returned to Addison. Originally, Max was told he’d have 5 weeks until it was due back. He was given the wrong information, though, and only had 5 days. There was contention on the forum because of the confusion. This was resolved by Max posting the link to the full diary in a forum post.

    55. Within the diary, we learn that GK4 was abusive toward Addison. She had dark plans for those of us already involved with the OOA. She intended to wipe us out for a fresh start.

    56. A “stolen” email is sent by someone named Emily to KingKing33 (is that Neil?). It revealed the ODSM’s fear of Addison as a true believer. They were afraid she would bring forth THE ONE, and that she would share too much. This was not entirely new information, but to have it confirmed via a stolen piece of correspondence only solidified the fact.

    57. Addison, as GK2, posts of the corruption within the OOA. She says their influence goes beyond world leaders. She says they are trying to kill her because she believes the One is among us. She says it’s not what they were expecting. She says they want to silence and destroy her because of this knowledge.

    58. She summons all who wish to meet. She wishes to reveal THE ONE.

    59. Participants, hooded, are taken to a warehouse. There Addison commends the most active members. After, she instructs them to remove their hoods. She tells them how their words have become the new gospel. They are all the one. Together, they are one. She makes this speech, the suddenly leaves the room. Waiters come with food and drink. It seems like it’s a normal mixer… maybe even the ending of indoctrination. The neat little bow. Rizzo is seen talking to Addison, once she returns to the room. Her face shifts, shed walks away from him, and you can see his shoulders drop. She continues to mingle until she gets toward the back of the room, near the light. Russel meets her there, pulls out the stuffed cat lovingly referred to as “the bear,” and shows it to Addison. She takes it, takes a couple steps back, and begins to yell. “You are all delusional. THIS, This is not real! Shit. I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to go home.” As the last words were leaving her mouth, all three waiters rushed and grabbed her. Carrying a screaming addison to an unseen place. Russell shouts, “NO, NO, LET HER GO!” The video cuts.

    60. Ascension begins.

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      Hazel Cloud

      WOW- That took 6 pages to print. Hahaha.

      I want to THANK and ACKNOWLEDGE @thebuz for letting me annoy non stop since Sunday, and @111error for your invaluable contributions.

      I also want to thank @babyface for not strangling mr or slitting my throat through this process.


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      Impressive. I have a couple corrections:

      3. Detractor comments weren’t made until later
      10. GK5 stepping down was a proud moment for him. He stepped down into the Overseer role, and applauded our paranoia and mistrust rather than condemn it.
      12. BoS hack happens long after Consultations end
      13. Consultations happen extremely quickly. First emails went out mid February, Consultations were done by around March 1. For reference, Mike wasn’t made Scribe until months later.
      22. At this point, the man who was GK5 is still Overseer. Addison does not become Overseer until first day of Ascension in September
      26. Many of us had been in contact with AG since the beginning, although his links to BoS only start arising around here
      38. I think it’s important to note that before this, there was implications that III had been hunting and killing OSDM members.

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      Andrew Kasch

      I’m just now seeing this…

      HOLY CRAP! Well done, @hazelcloud. It’s like you just binge-watched a season of LOST and meticulously cataloged everything.

      I have a few more additions for you…

      There were technically THREE consultations…

      The first was at the very beginning of March in the warehouse. That’s where the core group of us started and these consultations were done by GK5. That’s where we first saw the Red Room, and Jenna (who was a candidate) fled the OOA.

      The second consultations were held at the public library. I only spoke to a few people who went so I’m not entirely sure what went down besides people being asked questions by an elderly gentleman (GK5 again?)

      The third consultations were held much later, in July if memory serves me correctly…one month before the “OOA mixer.” They were held downtown and involved the mirror and GK4.

      Also, several of us were called to a clandestine meeting with Jenna in a park several weeks after the first consultation (myself, Russell, and I’m not sure who else). She recounted what happened to her in the red room and her meeting with “the elders” and saw that they were doing surveillance on us. The OOA has been pursuing her ever since.

      (Speaking of Jenna…where the hell is she?)

      There are plenty of other personal incidents that happened related to the bullet point you’ve mentioned, Hazel. I’m sure every long time member her can give you stories.

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      Hazel Cloud

      Thanks :)

      I appreciate all additions. It would be impossible (and impractical) for me to include every detail, so anything pertinent that you can add is definitely a help!

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    Hazel Cloud

    Thank you for the compliment and corrections! I know there are still points that I’ve missed. What’s exciting to me is that there is always MORE. :)

    10. I realized this. I remember him referencing his ultimate reward. I guess I noted his contradictory tone as contrition. I see now, that it is more jubilant. … So what I’m gathering now, is that GK5 recognized GK4’s awakening and took it as a sign to vacate that slot for her to fill. He was masterlock when GK3 came about. GK3 banned the former GK5 from his role as overseer, vacating the position. He (GK3) essentially filled whatever roles he wanted, including, at one point, scribe. This was the point in time when GK4 fled with Addison, her protege. GK4 was killed by Addison, who claimed the GK2 position. GK3 denounced Addison, saying she did not, in fact hold that title- she was uncounted. At this point, GK2 allied with Buz, who took out GK3. (skipping all the in-betweens)

    GK2 runs through Europe teaching lessons. Calls a meeting to discuss the ONE, and is captured by the OSDM.

    At ascension, GK2 steps down and becomes the overseer. There is no current GK.

    P.S- I don’t seem to have a handle on the reply function yet.

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    Hazel Cloud


    I think this is the prettiest I’ve seen Addison. The Overseer is so lovely.

    *sighs contentedly

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      Hazel Cloud

      Ok, So I’m watching the Foreign Woman now for the first time (have read transcripts before).

      When she talks about how we didn’t need to know about what “she” was planning, Addison is obviously talking about GK4. DO YOU THINK that this is the “her” she’s talking about when she asks Regent 7 to “let her die a hero”? To me that seems fairly obvious now.

      “Even if the second had not learned the true path toward the one, I still could not have let her do it. I could not let her do it.”

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      Addisons path to me is either the virginal sacrificial lamb or the evil one. Not sure yet – I think it could go either way

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    Are you interviewing for a new Scribe role? Because, damn.

    This is very impressive, and thorough..

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    Hazel, this is so awesome. I’m so glad you put all this together because I definitely needed to read this before my first visit to the OOA tomorrow. Thank you.

    (but also: so many questions, this is madness, help)

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      Hazel Cloud

      It is my goal to make this experience as easy to understand and participate in as possible! I LOVE Tension and want everyone to effectively love it too!

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! I can’t speak for others, but I promise that I won’t bite. :)

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      Thanks again! I have three hundred thousand questions, but right now I’d love to read Addison’s journal… I haven’t been able to find it yet. It’s on here, right?

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      Hazel Cloud
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      Thanks so much!

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      Hazel Cloud

      Anytime :)

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