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  • Grace (bumble) posted an update 4 years ago

    2 days until my birthday!
    1 day until we see addison!

  • Um, what’s this about a bear?

    • The stuffed bear belonged to Addison, before she became Gatekeeper2…before all her “training”. @reaton has the bear in safe keeping. It is a personal item of the past Addison. The OSDM for some reason is now questioning the location of the bear. That is about all we know.

      • Hello, @nospacebears The bear was left for me to find after the hotel meeting where several people were told the story of Addison’s travels to California to become an actress and her drifting away from her family. It was left by Tom, Addison’s father.

  • I have a question, it might be dumb but I haven’t found any answers anyway so.
    I’ve noticed a specific way of formatting certain words for example when referring to a person’s path it’s formatted like this _path? Is that a thing or is it just my computer playing up or something else?

  • Reversed-
    Transcript as best transcribed

    (in a young girls voice): Watch out the elevator is falling, there is nothing you can do, just forget, forget what you know
    (Older female voice maybe with an accent): three (or we its hard to tell) previously calibrated the SIV instruments were used in…[Read more]

  • paron my language but HOLY SHIT.

  • “I know what my decision is,
    Which is not to decide.”
    aka, i don’t know who to stand with, But I don’t want to make the wrong decision! Would someone be able to talk things through with me?

    • There are no wrong decisions here. Every choice you make, is part of your _path. Glory be

    • @Mike is right, there are no wrong decisions. Everyone who has made a choice has done so based on the information they have and how they feel about it. But lots are still waiting for that moment of pure conviction when they can take the leap of faith. You could approach key advocates of particular sides to see why they made the choice they did,…[Read more]

  • Probably going to make some aesthetic boards for various key players, let me know some that I might not know!

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