• I’m in the middle of writing my final INDOCTRINATION journal article. Anyone save the video where @thebuz killed III?

  • Cody posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    All of the talk of what the OOA has done for us… What have they done? Without the OOA there wouldn’t be any of this, without the OOA there wouldn’t even be such a thing as a “detractor”, a “BOS”, these forums where we have all been brought together.
    I’d say we owe the OOA at least this.
    Even those whom are now calling the OOA a “sinister…[Read more]

    • I think you may be confusing the OOA with the tension experience. They created the forums, not the OOA. The tension experience includes both the OOA and BOS.

      • Well perhaps that is the perception now… when I first joined these forums.. they were exclusively OOA and I believe this could be evidenced by the editing of detractor/ BOS posts as well as BOS attacking the tension experience page.. or has all of that been forgotten suddenly?

        • I agree they were OOA, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the forums was or is OOA. I was never convinced and still am not convinced that the OOA is a good, enlightened entity

    • You are correct, Cody. Without the OOA none of this would have happened.

    • No extra knowledge my friend. Just a better outlook on life in general. And a change for the better for me.

  • @gatekeeper3: Seems @kasch, @thebuz and @nking believe the OOA is something akin to a democracy… Mayhem, mutiny, and so much big talk. Those before who have stated displeasure have been directed towards the door, or worse. Fingers crossed @gatekeeper4 rides in on her white stallion and proves to be a true hero, rather than just another p…[Read more]

  • Neil King posted an update 8 years ago

    @coryphella, @kasch, @thebuz, @monkeymuffin333, @kingkill33, @mike, @reaton, @daela, and anyone else in the local area. Do you guys still want to have a meet up tomorrow to welcome Megan into Los Angeles?

    • I would love to @nking but unfortunately I am away for work in Utah. I hope you all have fun though!!

    • Mike replied 8 years ago

      I have a few Fringe shows tomorrow, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out there :/

    • Hola @nking, so I’m meeting up with Megan at SM Beach from 8-1030p. We’re just going to hang, eat stuff, etc. Feel free to come, anybody for that matter.

    • Yeah the beach thing at night does not work for me as I have plans for the evening. As for breakfast – that is a possibility. Anyone else down for breakfast?

      • Rusty replied 8 years ago

        Hey, I am mainly offline this weekend. I am in same position as Mike – tickets for several events in a row. And if a breakfast meeting happens, please let me know. I will have to play it by ear. Wish I could be more specific, it’s an insane weekend!

    • I will try my damndest to be wherever you guys want. Can someone hit me up on Facebook messenger once the group consensus has been reached.
      And I hope you’ll share your recent finding with us, Megan. 😉

  • Addison Born posted an update 8 years ago

    Hey everyone,

    I came back to say I’m sorry. @kasch and @thebuz, my actions and accusations on Saturday were uncalled for and I was out of line, I should not have gotten aggressive and accusatory. I was going through a lot of personal stress and a lot of life changes last week and the weekend, and let my saltiness over not getting that envelope g…[Read more]

    • I’d give you an upvote on this if there were some. Although not directly affected, I think this is a big thing to do and I respect it. From our brief in person interaction you are a good dude and I feel for you on personal stresses. If you ever need friends to talk to, hang out with, whatever it be, we are here as a community.

    • @addisonborn that’s really brave of you to discuss this openly. Been down that road, it’s not easy nor fun to do but it’s the mature thing. <3

    • *hugs* I’m so glad to see you back!

    • @addisonborn I apologize as well if my response was too harsh. I think you said things a lot of us were thinking. And that in turn, allowed me to see some of the errors in my on interactions on the forum.
      I’ve definitely gotten frustrated at points too!

    • @addisonborn No worries at all, bud…and I certainly didn’t want to come across as being cruel with my sarcasm. Glad to see you’re still in the game, cause we really liked hanging with you at the event last week. The most fun part of this experience has been the community we’ve built and all the new friends we’ve made. If we get anything out of…[Read more]

    • I’m glad to hear you haven’t left. I understand your frustrations with the pace. I had been thinking about you throughout the weekend. Sending you hugs as well.

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