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    Alright so according to My Haunt Life episode 21, Clint (or was it DLB?) said there are still puzzles we didn’t solve. So let’s discuss here. From a previous thread it’s possible I cracked Aleister Gordon’s message to @amieexists …. I don’t know if I solved it but it fits IMHO.

    What other puzzles have we not conclusively solve?

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    The meaning of the Tension symbol!

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    Origins/backstory of Sentinel… what caused him/them to be like that?

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    This video that personally drove me CRAZY. 227 winded up having significance

    But what about the number that was not complete? If you slow down the video you can see a flash of a number but I tried using that ages ago and nothing popped up.

    Where is @light2dark when you need him? Or her.

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      Jake O

      This is the only puzzle that still really haunts me. What did it lead to? How were we supposed to use that damn number?

      I think most of the rest of the things we missed are more story related, but this seems like something we actually didn’t solve. It’s annoying! 😜

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      You’re telling me! Also, I actually thought I saw a 1 flash but that was so long ago I don’t remember 100%.

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    Did the scan code get resolved? I know some thought it lead to a book on Amazon but it doesn’t make sense to me.

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    it seems like the number 2 belongs in the red box so 2820?

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    Other puzzles that haven’t been solved (I’m taking some of these from the topic Sean started in June):

    – The series of numbers and letters that was given to Derek – 14 18 31 N L 15 S S? (Or F S)
    – The red letters and punctuation marks that were in Four’s correspondence (F.Y and CSPATH.-)
    – The meaning of the five points of the OOA lantern
    – The meaning of “scope and mirror,” which L2D seemed to hint to @coryphella was still unsolved (“What is the composition of such a device? Does it have alternate meaning or an alternate view if tampered with? Much more cannot be said.”) (unless this was a just reference to being monitored, spied on? L2D certainly leaned hard on the hints though, I feel like there might have been a solution we missed)
    – The letters QSD that used to be on the “sense” page
    – The meaning behind “Los Angeles” casting a shadow that says “La AnGelez
    – The meaning of the numbers being reversed in the radial lines at the top of the eye chart (so that instead of starting at 0 and ending at 180, the arc started and ended with 90)
    – “what5youseek” on an early video
    – any potential meaning behind the 39th underscore in the “scope and mirror” page
    – any meaning behind the word “Conform” on the disclaimer pop-up
    – the meaning of the June 6 Facebook image, in which the number “5” was hidden even though we had moved on to GK4, and the words “she is still amongst you” were hidden (who was still amongst us? Addison? Four? what did being “amongst” us even mean – like a plant?)
    quests.guests&gatherers %

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      Awww @light2dark…maybe I should bring some caramel flavored popcorn on Friday for him, just in case.
      I wondered if the solution to that was the image of the periscope he posted one night back then. Or if that was just another hint.

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    @daela Have we found a way to keep the forums alive!?! 😉

    I suck at puzzles as @mkarrett knows but since I’m missing Tension so much already I’ll allow myself to be dragged further down the rabbit hole and help look into these. Practice makes perfect, right? Then, I’ll be ready for round 2.

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