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    Tension updates social media with “are you near a computer? 3pm EST”

    @electrichippo is shown broadcasting via periscope her meeting with @gatekeeper3. He is shown wearing a mask and seems to have erratic and quirky behavior. He was unable to locate anyone in the OOA who had spoken with Anoch. He states that his personality and drive is what rubs people the wrong way. He then calls all of the viewers “sheep” and then goes to use the bathroom (was probably catching more pokemon in there) @electrichippo was then shown and cheered on to drop the pill from GK4 into GK3’s water. He comes back and dramatically pretends to die and then asks @electrichippo if the viewers bought it. He then speaks of his alliance with B.O.S and asks her to show the real pill that gk4 had provided. @electrichippo then smiles and the broadcast ends.
    Forum users now declare which side they stand on. [1]

    @daela who was in charge of the package from four, immediately states via update “I stand with BOS” and is no longer active on the forums.

    @regent7 updates forums stating: “There is still hope. There is still Ascension. Band together. Unite. Bring down the one who destructs, and pave the way for II. II is now and future. I am done standing by, doing nothing. Anoch speaks III, it is you who do not listen. You are blind, deaf and dumb to the Old Ways. I have only one thing left I need say… III, Fuck you.” [2]

    User @ethan receives a phone call from Michael from security? Asking about GK3’s personal information and if it is known.

    User @aleocotillo receives a call stating “everything will burn”

    User @rusty receives a call from Addison asking if he will stand with her as everything is moving fast…and that she is so sorry for what will happen next.

    Tickets are on sale as promised…leaving the first four days completely sold out within hours.
    Youtube video for Ascension is uploaded.

    User @ephorrorsociety is sent two pictures to her podcast page anonymously showing the contents of fours package with a pill and a note stating “do not open, give this to his chosen”

    GK3 posts about a “new dawn” and rewarding his followers…those who have not pledged to him are nearing their end. [3]

    User @allison receives two calls. One was disguised as @reaton at first and asked if she was ready.

    Sentry @melissa receives a call from @gatekeeper4 asking if she/us will stand for her.

    User @blondie receives a call stating she will be the only one left.

    User @soverignskies receives a call (on 7/17 but posted 7/19) giving him the task of arranging a meeting with GK3 and GK4. He is able to get the attention of GK4 who accepts the meeting but is not sure if GK4 will.

    User @reidv receives a call from @regent7 asking if GK3 has misplaced something important. He states that it will be in the right hands soon and that GK4 is coming.

    Addison is shown on periscope with a yellow rose asking “do I meet with him… do I meet with him not” and we see GK4 grab the rose and state she will not leave it up to chance like last time. She accepts GK3’s meeting and states she will see him on Friday.[4]

    User @amie receives a call stating “Don’t be distracted by the fake words, they’re trying to distract you. This isn’t about Gatekeepers and wars Amie. If you think this is about Gatekeepers and wars then you are wrong. Look behind the magic trick.”

    Busy week y’all.

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    Addison Born

    Thank you!! Been looking forward to this, feel like I’ve missed a ton this week.. Friday’s gonna be goooooood

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